Take part in the European integration process by developing your own EU funded project:
we take care of informing, training and assisting you in the process

We inform on EU policies and related funding programmes and opportunities


We continously design and offer training materials and services as they relate to EU development


We provide technical and scientific support from conception to presentation of projects


We combine higher education and training courses on the EU integration process
We deliver European Training Certificates


Consulting and support services to enterpreses, publica administrations, financial and banking institutions

“In a world of ever-evolving technologies, increasing internationalisation and demographic changes, high quality, lifelong education and training is as crucial as ever. To enhance human capital and employability, people’s skills must be continuously upgraded to allow everyone the chance to participate fully in society.

In the EU, enlargement has seen drastically augment the degree of diversity, the number of states, cultures, languages and minorities, and also regional and economic disparities. Europe is confronted with the challenges and opportunities intrinsic to the integration process and the different levels of development. At the same time, Europe struggles to give an all-inclusive answer to the Global economy and the nascent knowledge society. The EU promotes development models that respect the environment, are in harmony with local needs, advance quality of life and democratic participation. Models where access to available funds be given to anyone.

In this context, we believe that citizens willing to take up active roles in the European construction should be able to do so concretely, and to achieve this they need learning how to be interconnected with EU institutions tools and mechanisms, as well as EU financial instruments.

This is why we created the cultural project EURIDIT, to bridge a gap existing between factual, territorial needs in local and regional contexts which are of particular relevance for the development of Europe, and Community political trends; between policy and programme initiatives developed by EU institutions and the resources made available by the EU for their translation into European projects.

We created EURIDIT to help citizens acquire competence, or indeed excellence in EU-funded project development, implementation and management, and (not least) dissemination, with a view to fostering the advancement of learning in fields which are of particular relevance for the development of a European dimension, as well as promoting the value and innovative potential of European co-operative work.


The President, Giovanni Polliani