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[About Us]

Nowadays, the EU complexity requires specific skills for who intends to use the numerous tools that EU institutions provide for a society growth and development. For this reason, specialized centers need to be able to link civil society needs to the initiatives offered by EU, followingthe operational procedures of the institutions, which are often full of complexity.

EURIDIT was born with the purpose to provide this aim, both to individual subjects and organizations operating in the territory, in order to allow them to easily access EU tools. In particular, EURIDIT offers its skills to train experts all over the Project Cycle Management, since concept and ideas elaboration through activities and budget management, to the project end. The main objective is to allow human resources to benefit - in a total indipendent way - of EU funds and initiatives. Training is one of the main pillars for EURIDIT as a service center.

[EURIDIT - Institute for Training & Services]

A Brussels based, international, non profit association founded by european professionals in 2007 with the common objective to develop an innovative platform offering support and facilities, among Community development projects. The founders group includes highly qualified members in the fields of culture and economic sciences: public administration managers, university PhD, teachers involved in education and vocational training.

[General Objectives]

General objective of EURIDIT is to bring closer its members to EU, in order to allow them to use at their best business opportunities provided by European Commission Monetary Funds

[Specific aims]

  • Studying and promoting European integration and development in member countries
  • Training experts in European public affairs through professional learning cycles
  • Creating experts for a European professional network
  • Contributing to the creation of a pan-european educational environment, with regard to inegration of both professional and educational systems
  • Providing technical and scientific support in EU projects, joined with local governments
  • Outlining strategies for the development of local administrations and entities
  • Supporting members activities

[Services and Opportunities]

  • Research
  • Communication / Information
  • Training and assistance to members
  • Consulting and Support services to enterprises, public administrations, finance and bank institutes

[Training Levels]

  • training for experts in european projects drafting and management
  • seminars on EU financial instruments
  • info days over european policies and strategies in mid term
  • legal and fiscal training for commercial development
  • training courses on framework programs related to research, development, culture, health
  • thematic info days on specific calls for proposals and issues